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Not My Son's three pillars—community outreach, social activism, and civic engagement—work together to uplift the South and East Dallas communities. Learn more about our pillars below.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach efforts center around direct action within oppressed Dallas communities. Focused on growing, cleaning, and feeding communities, we aim to better the resource availability in these areas and improve the lives of our neighbors through personal, safe, and effective activism. We strive to promote education, improve wellbeing and strengthen at-risk communities through addressing societal needs.  

Social Activism

Our social activism efforts aim to ensure that "The People" have a voice to address what's historically remained unheard throughout marginalized communities. We amplify The People's voices by hosting events like rallies, protests, and marches.


Civic Engagement

Our team aims to provide the knowledge, resources, and opportunity for the community to engage with the issues that directly impact our quality of life. Whether that is making voting registration available, putting on rallies encouraging voters to participate and know who is on the ballot, or providing an opportunity in protest to voice dissatisfaction with the systems in place.

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